If you are a creative or a commissioner you might empathize with some of the challenges that come with speaking each other’s “languages”. Especially when you are or you are working with a third party or freelancer.

We listened to our friends and connections. We are expanding our Legendary horizon to serve creatives and commissioners. We want to empower them to have the most successful and fulfilling projects they’ve experienced.

With our experience in successfully creating vision driven projects, from game development to illustration, our business strategists interview the commissioner (client) to deeply understand their project vision. With the power to champion and articulate that vision, we work with a creative to insure that both parties are understood, treated fairly, and each feel delightfully fulfilled at the completion of the project.

How we serve you:

  • Discover exactly what you desire (even if you are not sure how to explain what you want) 

  • Champion your vision as if it were our own

  • Work with the creative third party (if one does not exist we can handle the interview process)

  • Handle the quote and payment process

  • Become your advocate and interface between you and the third party team to ensure all parties are understood, treated fairly, and feel fulfilled through the duration of the project

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