It starts with the student. DemiaTree’s vision is to align with and add fuel to Legendary Affinity’s mission in activating all creative heroes and empower people to do what they love for a living. We’re not playing but we’re having fun.


The Why

We want to empower all creative heroes to do what they love for life - find deep fulfillment and life enrichment. Where it all begins - the passionate student.

The How 

Provide precollege students, college students, and employees foresight, insight, fulfillment, and confidence to carry into their studies and careers - help them find their calling.

The What

Provide an engaging interactive experience for precollege students, college students, and employees, to gain deep insight on career paths and associated college programs.


We are presenting you with the highest level information and are just scratching the surface. There will be so much more to share as we continue to crystalize this massive initiative.

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