"Do you remember the talk Simon Sinek gave several years ago about the golden circle and on exploring your 'why'? I stumbled upon the video earlier this  month and thought it would be a great addition to our site since Legendary Affinity was founded on "why". Simon's talk captures who we are and our origin very well."
    - May 2018

Golden Triangle - Why Page.png


We want to fill a gap in the way we create organizations, bring people together, and energize each other. Rekindle the Affinity we have for our work, each other, and our enjoyers. 


Bringing incredible, passionate, and creative people together who align with the mission, who want to have fun, who want to prosper, who want to create something awesome, and who want to share it with the world is the fire of this how. 


Now we have a Realm, Affinity Forge, where we are creating some really cool Immersive Digital Stories. What the future holds…we shall see… This “What” is subject to powerful change.