Let's break down what that means...



noun, plural affinities.

  1. a person, thing, idea, etc., for which such a natural liking or attraction is felt.

  2. inherent likeness or agreement; close resemblance or connection.

Our desire is that the people of Legendary Affinity  feel a deep connection with their work, with each other, and with those who come in contact with our work.


[lej-uh n-der-ee]


  1. remarkable enough to be famous; well known.

  2. celebrated or described in legend : a legendary hero.

Our desire is to create something awesome - Legendary (bigger than we). Whether that is something we create or simply the relationships and connections made by bringing people together to create. Furthermore, we want to bring out the creative hero - legend - in each individual.

So where does that leave us for the Mission...?




With big visions come great missions...

There are an infinite number of ways to tackle this vision. That is what we want to explore and why we invite every creative hero to join the quest in fulfilling that vision.

We are excited to announce our first Realm, Affinity Forge, where we are harnessing the power of writing to create interactive fiction stories.