the orchestration team



Hailing from Austin, Texas Joey is the Undaunted Orchestrator / Founder. Along with leading the company and its Realms, he is also the executive producer and soundscape artist in the Realm of Affinity Forge working on The Broken Bottle. He is also the lead UI designer and sound designer for Project Burne.
Joey graduated with his BBA in Management & Entrepreneurship and in International Studies. Though his passion for marketing persists, Joey recently resigned from his full-time career in marketing to work on Legendary Affinity full time. 

Drawn by the pure joy of working with people and to the depth behind team dynamics, Joey began orchestrating in 2015. “I have always loved bringing great people together, learning about their passions and strengths, and uncovering how to work together to create something awesome and accomplish big goals. There is so much to be learned about yourself and others...when we create together we build a bond - an affinity.” He first found he loved the world of business in first grade when he started a bike washing stand. "Funny stories with that one. The bike station didn't last long but I found how much I enjoyed starting operations. It's entertaining looking back at the little spreadsheets I would make..."

His epic hobbies include, rock climbing, playing the drums, learning to create soundtracks, photography, and gaming with friends.

If Joey had a personal teleporter he would go back to Florence, sit on Ponte Santa Trinita with a cup of gelato in hand, and watch the lights from Ponte Vecchio dance over the Arno river. 
If there were no time constraints, Joey would travel to when (if) we are able to travel to distant planets and would find himself exploring each, along with the majesty of the universe - if time allows of course.


“I am convinced that if everyone were doing what they love for a living, we could cure depression, anxiety, even lower divorce and abuse rates.

I am on an eternal mission to build a pivotal ecosystem where everyone is empowered to act out of their strengths and passions. This has started with what I call Creative Heroes. We will expand into any area of creativity and beyond. We plan to expand into the world of education to help students have insight, foresight, and confidence as they travel through their college careers and into the workforce. Additionally, we have plans to expand into empowering the retirees and senior citizens to find new passions and be empowered to act out of their strengths and wisdom.”


The Writing Team

Bri Manente


Bri hails from Portland, Oregon and is currently a writer / character developer, who helped create The Broken Bottle and is the the lead concept writer for a secret project (some of you might have heard) about a wonderful professor.

Presently Bri is a novelist and runs her own tattoo shop.

Bri started writing around age 8. At age 21 she had her first large work published.

Her epic hobbies include gourmet cooking, creating art in many mediums, song writing, and impromptu adventures of almost any kind. 

If Bri had a personal teleporter she would use it to go to Blue Lagoon, Iceland and indulge in the majestic hot springs.

If there were no time constraints, Bri would go back in time to 1949 and be at the Eagle and Child Pub outside of Oxford to hang out with Tolkien and Lewis.


"Legendary Affinity is a company looking to fill, what I feel, is a huge void in the world right now - A place where creative minds come together to conjure up the magic of art and storytelling for all. These are the things that connect us on our most basic human level, and should be celebrated and enjoyed in every home and heart." 

Josh - update.png


Hailing from Littlestown, Pennsylvania, Josh is currently a writer and storyboard artist in the Realm of Affinity Forge working on The Broken Bottle, Affinity Forges first stand alone immersive digital story.

Presently Josh is a history scholar pursuing a doctorate and professorship in said field.

Josh started writing at age 12.

His epic hobbies include, writing fantasy novels, playing guitar with his band, and losing hundreds of hours to RPG's and MOBA's.

If Josh had a personal teleporter he would use it to go to Amsterdam, Naples, and some other historic port cities but eventually wind up in Northern Ireland.

If there we no time constraints, Josh would go back to ancient Carthage in 220 BC when the Carthaginian Empire was at its height to see the civilization for himself since we have next to no knowledge of them after the Romans wiped them out and burned Carthage to the ground.


"Growing up reading the works of Tolkien and Lewis, being a writer has been my dream since I was young, As an author it is my goal and passion to bring media to the masses in a way that affects them in the way I was inspired. Being able to see stories transform and evolve into the games we produce is an incredible way to see this dream come true, and I hope many more artists can find such an outlet for their passions."

"Moreover, I have a desire for telling stories with a level of depth and authenticity that I feel many games and interactive stories might be losing. I desire to tell stories with the core values Affinity Forge holds. Not everyone can tell their own story and I want to help people tell their stories..."

Tony Pisculli.jpg


Tony joins us from Kailua, Hawaii as a writer, currently working on an interactive story for Affinity Forge’s Immersive Digital Storytelling world, called The Collectors.

In addition to writing Tony is the Artistic Director of the Hawaii Shakespeare Festival and a fight director and Master Instructor with Dueling Arts International. 

His epic hobbies include CrossFit, board games and travel.

Tony has been writing since grade school. He wrote his first speculative fiction story in fourth grade, a multi-chapter, cosmic horror epic. 

If Tony had a personal teleporter he would head to Proxima b, the nearest, potentially habitable exo-planet to Earth (just for a visit).

If there were no time constraints he would go back in time to see a production of Romeo and Juliet at the Globe Theatre in the late sixteenth century. Otherwise, Antarctica is the biggest ticket on his travel bucket list.


“I love working collaboratively in contexts where everyone has the opportunity to make a powerful, individual contribution.”


The Illustration Team

Ahn Luu

Anh Luu

Anh joins the team from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and is currently an  illustrator/ character designer for Affinity Forge working on The Broken Bottle.

Anh is currently a passionate freelance designer who finds herself illustrating for books and any other types of digital artworks and watercolor paintings that come her way.

Anh started drawing when she was 7 and at age 22, started to teach herself about digital painting.

Her epic hobbies include reading, cooking, traveling, and aikido.

If Anh had a personal teleporter she would travel around Europe, the United Kingdom, and Canada.....with infinite time.


"To me, working with Affinity Forge is just like a dream come true. This job makes me want to improve myself everyday and to draw the best I can."




Victoria joins us from Boston, Massachusetts as an illustrator / setting designer for Affinity Forge working on The Broken Bottle.

Victoria is a passionate artist who loves sharing her art with others and currently works as a graphic design editor for a sign company. 

Victoria has been deeply drawn to art for as long as she can remember.

Her epic hobbies include drawing, painting, and sewing.

If Victoria had a personal teleporter she would go unlock the secrets of a deserted pacific island and would leave now!

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." - Gandalf


“It connects with me because it is difficult to find a workplace where your art and creativity is accepted and encouraged. Affinity Forge provides that creative, positive space where a talented group of people can use their individual passions to make great things for others to enjoy.”


Victoria joins us from Frederick, Maryland as an illustrator / setting & character designer for Affinity Forge. She is currently helping shape the world of an upcoming app / universe.

Victoria studied Media Arts and Animation and now brings her passion and her drive to take things to the next level to the land of creative heroes.

When she was only five years old, Victoria found that she could express herself through art and words. From there her imagination went wild.

Her epic hobbies include anime, writing and creating characters, exploring, and video games.

If Victoria had a personal teleporter she would go visit Japan.

If the teleporter could transcend time she would go everywhere and see everything, “which might seem corny, but I get the best inspiration from experiencing things around me firsthand.” Compelled to be constantly inspired, she would never stop traveling and thus always be inspired.


“It connects with me through the wonderful people I've met and the creative freedom I'm given.”



Kathryn Mariko Lee



Kathryn hails from the warmth of Honolulu, Hawaii as a Developmental and Copy Editor working on The Broken Bottle.

In 2016, Kathryn graduated from the Stonecoast Creative Writing MFA Program (focus in Popular Fiction). She recently made the decision to quit her day job in order to pursue freelance editing and fiction writing full time.

Kathryn enjoys several forms of storytelling including acting, writing and voice acting. She started performing at age 7 and discovered the joys of writing and narrating stories during college.

Her epic hobbies include watching anime, gaming, crocheting, and performing in musicals at her local community theatre. She also TAs a stage combat class and is learning how to figure skate.

If she had a personal teleporter she would have permanent portals open to Akihabara (the land of anime and owl cafes), Niagara Falls, Disney World and Hogsmeade.

If the teleporter could go back in time, she would go back to ancient Egypt to find out how they really built the pyramids.


“Art is natural. Deep within every human being is the primal urge to create. Art is communication, art can heal. Art can immortalize a moment in history or bring us together in the here and now. Art is important, and Legendary Affinity recognizes that. This is truly a unique company, dedicated to inspiring and supporting artists of many kinds who strive to bring deep and surprising and amazing works to a world in need of beauty. I am proud to be a part of this community, and hope my eye for detail and insatiable imagination will help them create something legendary.”